Avoiding the Summer Slide

This year your child grew academically and in order to maintain that momentum, it's important for students to practice over the summer.  Just like our muscles when we don't exercise, our learning muscles atrophy when we don't practice what we've learned.  I'd like to say that three years of Spanish in high school paid off, but here I am 20 years later and hablo espanol un poco. Impressed?  
There are a plethora of opportunities in Decatur alone to help your child from suffering from the summer slide.  Of course, READ.  Read to and read with your child.  They are never too old! If listening to someone else read was only for little kids, the audiobook industry wouldn't be booming.  Our public library has opportunities almost daily during the summer.  They even have an opportunity for your child to win a Kindle Fire.  I love using Libby for ebooks and audiobooks for trips.  Check it out!
We are also keeping track of the number of minutes JHES students read this summer with the Scholastic Read-a-Palooza!  Each week students earn rewards like digital badges and videos from Scholastic.  Your child will be bringing home his/her personal log-in before school is out. E-mail me at jessica.lindsey@dcs.edu if you cannot find your child's log-in.
Log minutes in here:
For math, knowing facts automatically builds a strong foundation for the coming school year.  All students should know addition and subtraction fact families from 0-9.  Third through fifth grades need to know multiplication and division fact families from 0-9.  There are many apps, workbooks, flash cards, and games to help students memorize these facts.  They need to be as automatic as the alphabet.
Your support is vital over the next 10 weeks.  Students can lose up to half a year of progress over the course of the summer.  If you need any ideas, please email me and I will help any way possible.  Let's have a summer CLIMB instead of a summer SLIDE.
Have a wonderful summer!
Ms. Lindsey
Library Media Specialist, NBCT
BS in Elementary Education
ME in Library Media