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Julian Harris Elementary School

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Million Word Challenge

This year, we will continue to promote the Million Word Challenge with an emphasis on accuracy.  Last year, students read more than ever and maintained around 85% accuracy on their Accelerated Reader tests.  We want to bump that average up to 90% and above which means making sure students understand what they are reading.  When your child reads at home, talk to them about what they are reading.  Ask them questions like, "Which character to you most relate to and why?" or "If you could write a new ending, how would you like for the book to end?"  Shorter books should be read multiple times to increase comprehension.  Longer books should be finished in a reasonable amount to time so that readers remember what happened throughout the story.  Students struggling with reading, but have no issue with comprehension can be read to or use audio books.  We have multiple resources that you can use at home to encourage your child to read.  Ebooks can be found on the library media website and our public library has even more resources than we do.  Check them out! 
Need to know if a book is AR? Use AR BOOK FIND.