JHES Students collectively read 34,000,000 words this school year! Their efforts and hard work paid off. We had seven students read more than 1,000,000 words on their own and we are so proud of them! Congratulations!
8 days ago, Jessica Lindsey
Awards Days are coming up Tuesday and Wednesday. Teachers will be notifying parents of students that will be receiving an award.
12 days ago, Marcy Reynolds
Awards Day
Check out our latest newsletter from Mrs. Barnes. It includes a lot of important dates for the remainder of the school year! https://www.smore.com/n/6evyq
about 1 month ago, Marcy Reynolds
Parents, please help us out by taking this parent survey about JHES. Thank you! https://tinyurl.com/33rns26n
about 1 month ago, Marcy Reynolds
We had a great first day of ACAP testing! Our 2nd-5th graders will be testing from now until April 12th. It is very important for students to be at school on time and ready to test each day. Please make sure your child gets a good night's sleep and eats a good breakfast either at home or at school each morning. Our students have worked hard all year and we know they will do great on the test! Help us encourage them to do their best!
2 months ago, Marcy Reynolds
Book Blast Day 5: Emmari won the iPad today! Congratulations! The fun isn't over. Every day next week we will be giving away treasure chests with cash prizes! Be sure to complete your registration and send out 10 invitations to be eligible to win.
2 months ago, Jessica Lindsey
Emmari wins the iPad!
Book Blast FAQ's: 1. How do we register? Here's a step by step tutorial. https://www.bb.booksarefun.com/how-to-complete-ps 2. What do the goals mean? Each $120 means 10 books. If you exceed your goal, you are helping your school and classmates earn more books. 3. What if we have one than one child participating? Register them all, but you only need to send 10 invitations only. 4. What will my child get? Every child at JHES will receive one book. By registering and inviting 10 people, you will get the three prizes and a free book. After that, your donations will determine the amount of books you earn.
2 months ago, Jessica Lindsey
BB Treasure Map.
Shaw, Alex, and Caleb along with 68 other JHES students successfully registered for Book Blast and are ready to build their home libraries! Students receive prize incentives to complete registration and send 10 invitations to friends and family who could help them reach their goals. It's not too late! Register and send 10 invitations tonight and your child will get their prizes when the books arrive in a few weeks. #bookblast @go.booksarefun
2 months ago, Jessica Lindsey
Shaw, Alex, and Caleb
ATENCIÓN: ¡Estamos regalando un iPad mañana! ¡Actúa ahora! Simplemente invita a 10+ amigos y familiares ESTA NOCHE para apoyar nuestro Book Blast y tu estudiante tendrá la oportunidad de ganar. ¡No te pierdas esta valiosa oportunidad! Si aún no lo has hecho, regístrate aquí: http://bookblast.booksarefun.com/JulianHarrisES35603
2 months ago, Jessica Lindsey
Day 2 Book Blast
ATTENTION: We are giving away an iPad is tomorrow! Act now! Simply invite 10+ friends and family members TONIGHT to support our Book Blast and your student will have a chance to win. Don't miss this golden opportunity! If you haven’t already, register here: http://bookblast.booksarefun.com/JulianHarrisES35603 ​ #bookblastadventures #literacymatters #booksarefun #bookblast @go.booksarefun
2 months ago, Jessica Lindsey
Day 2 Book Blast
¡Comienza la Book Blast hoy! Dedica 7 minutos esta noche a completar el Mapa del Tesoro para ganar increíbles recompensas, participar en sorteos de premios y comenzar a construir tu biblioteca en casa. ¡Invita a 10+ amigos y familiares para obtener tus recompensas y la oportunidad de ganar uno de los cuatro Cofres del Tesoro o un iPad! Visita http://bookblast.booksarefun.com/JulianHarrisES35603 ¡y desbloquea tu tesoro! ​ Los primeros 70 en registrarse y 10+ amigos y familiares recibirán las 3 recompensas al día siguiente. Cualquier estudiante que califique después recibirá igualmente las 3 recompensas después del evento.
2 months ago, Jessica Lindsey
Complete your Book Blast Treasure Map.
Book Blast begins today! All you have to do is invite 10+ friends and family members to earn 3 awesome prizes and a chance to win one of four Treasure Chests or an iPad! Visit http://bookblast.booksarefun.com/JulianHarrisES35603 and unlock treasure. It takes just 7 minutes TONIGHT. #BookBlast #UnlockTheTreasure. ​ The first 70 to register and invite 10+ friends and family members will receive the 3 prizes the very next day! Any student who qualifies after that will still receive the 3 prizes after the event. #bookblastadventures #booksarefun
2 months ago, Jessica Lindsey
Complete our Book Blast Treasure Map
🌍 Attention, adventurers! Our Book Blast event starts this week where we will set off in search of treasure to build our students' home libraries. Follow the steps on the Treasure Map coming home next week to embark on an epic quest to earn exciting prizes and books. 🗺️🌟 @go.booksarefun #bookblastadventures #bookblast #booksarefun #literacy
2 months ago, Jessica Lindsey
Book Blast
Ending the week with characters! You can dress up as your favorite book character or wear something with your favorite character on it. Can't wait to see what everyone chooses!
3 months ago, Jessica Lindsey
Julian Harris students' were so bright the teachers needed sunglasses today! Tomorrow, we're focusing on how we can use our words and be authors too! Wear a shirt with words on it.
3 months ago, Jessica Lindsey
Loved seeing all the patriotic colors today! Tomorrow, wear bright and neon colors. Reading nonfiction books makes us brighter.
3 months ago, Jessica Lindsey
It's READ ACROSS AMERICA WEEK! Let's start off celebrating our freedom to read by wearing red, white, and blue.
3 months ago, Jessica Lindsey
RAA-Patriotic Day
Congratulations to our Math Teams for a job well done at the DCS Math Tournament! Our 4th Grade placed 2nd in 4th ciphering and 4th in the District overall! Kevin was our school's top 5th grader and Grayson was our top 4th grader! Thank you, Mrs. Barrentine and Mrs. Singh for your work with these students!! Way to go, teams!
3 months ago, Devin Lacy
4th Grade Math Team
5th Grade Math Team
Kevin, our top 5th Grader
Grayson, our top 4th Grader
Mrs. Singh
Check out our March Newsletter from Mrs. Barnes. https://www.smore.com/n/jg6w0
3 months ago, Marcy Reynolds
The Swamp John's Fundraiser will be on Wednesday, March 6 from 4 - 7. Enjoy some delicious food and support our music program!
3 months ago, Devin Lacy
Swamp Johns